41st Reunion Pictures!!
send yours to reunion@aikenhigh1971.org and we will add them too!
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Jim and Mary George Bunch
Jim was our official photographer for the event,
and Mary served as the Reunion Treasurer.

Sandra Best Pierce (AHS '69), Charlie Miller, Mary Bunch
Sandra volunteered to help greet guests,
and Charlie was our overall Reunion Chairman.

Bill and Patty Love Bentley
Patty is our "Master People Finder!"
You can run....but you cannot hide!!

Jimmy and Jeanette Raiford Cue
Jeanette is AHS Class of 1972

Audrey and Edwin Walker with Doris Cannon Smith
Doris was on the Reunion Committee

Joey and Laura Barsh
Joey served on the Reunion Committee

Bryan Hallman and his guest, Peggy Smith

Happy Anniversary to US!!

Linda Dominick
Linda plastered flyers all over Aiken and coordinated our advertising!

Toretha Corley Wright and Amy Payne Potts
Toretha is an author who now resides in Columbia,SC.
Amy lives in Leesville, SC, and is the
keeper of this web site!

Lee Sullivan and Dierdre Clerc Tice
Lee is a paralegal in Columbia, SC, and Dierdre is AHS Class of 1972.

I wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work
to get together the wonderful class reunion.
I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun reconnecting
with people I hadn’t seen in 41 years!
Ya’ll did a great job and all of your efforts are greatly appreciated.

~Lee Sullivan


It could not have been better!!

~ Patty Love Bentley

Denise Siegmund Orr
Columbia, SC

George Russell Walker, Sylvester Odom, Usey Odom, John Henry Simmons
     Aiken, SC                        Atlanta, GA          Richmond, VA             New Ellenton, SC

John and Mary Mobley Jordan
Mary booked the place and chose the food!!
John served on the Reunion committee and kept Mary on task!

Paul "Cricket" Grant
Reunion Committee Member!

The beautiful Gloria Ryans Bell!

Terry McLane
Edgefield, SC

Rocky Williams
Reunion Committee Member

Louise Horton Brunson
Reunion Committe Member - Decorations and Music

Dancing: Gloria Bell's arm and David Clerc, Eddie Dixon Jr. and Sara Dixon,
Doris Cannon Smith and Herbert Johnson, Tommy and Janie Carey,
Vicki Colalucci and Bill Rinehart.
Conga Line in back: Don Courtney, Henrietta Barber, Barbara Schwartz Cheatham, Tom Burckhalter being lovingly embraced by Terry McLane!
Seated and Standing around room (the best I can tell): Lee Sullivan, Dierdre Clerc Tice, Sandra Best Pierce, Loretta Brown Green, Dorothy Walker Williams, Russell Walker, Moses Bush.

Linda Raiford Dowdy
Linda now resides in Columbia and is
about to welcome her first great-grandchild!

(You would never guess by looking!!)

Sara and Eddie Dixon, Jr.
New Ellenton, SC

Denise Siegmund Orr, Miriam Moler Rhoades, Sandi Snow Fonville, Teresa Jennings Davis
Columbia, SC         Belvedere, SC          Simpsonville, SC        Cheraw, SC

Dick and Mary Flynt
Grovetown, GA

David and Cathy Cushman Farrow
Camden, SC ~ Cathy was a Reunion Committee Member

Don and Theresa Parks Courtney
Irmo, SC

Janet Elliott Painter
(Janet...we need your contact info!)

Jimmy and Pam Hunt Hamilton
Jimmy is a member of AHS Class of 1969
Jimmy and Pam live in Aiken.

Our younger selves on display!

Tom Burckhalter, Barbara Schwartz Cheatham, Terry McLane, Theresa Parks Courtney, Louise Horton Brunson,
Henrietta (Byron) Barber, Don Courtney, and Vicki Colalucci (Saint Angela '71).

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Information updated 8/19/2012